What are you doing in April?

Today’s post takes me across the states on an intriguing adventure I have committed to ~ CRAFTfest, dubbed a virtual craft extravaganza!

The Quick Facts…



The Back Story…

As usual, I was wandering the web when I came across an online community for crafters.  This community is a crafter’s network. Always up for snooping in others’ shops and getting to know fellow crafters, I ventured “inside”.
CRAFTFest will be hosting a virtual craft marketplace, each shop has a stall. It’s literally like a mall on your computer! If you want your own stall, the administrator of the site will give you everything you need and you may even learn something and make new friends.

The Point…

Sellers just like you will have a place to hang out and make friends, share and promote each other’s work and be inspired. Where else can you get reciprocal promotion for $8?? The event itself ( CRAFTFest ) is scheduled for the weekend of April 22- April 24, just in time for Mothers Day. During that weekend  (as well as leading up to the weekend) all the shops signed up (called stall holders) promote, promote, promote!  Posters, flyers, Facebook cover photos, ads, and embed codes are provided by the team! Soon I will be filling Pinterest boards, tweeting , Face Booking, and the atmosphere will start to crackle and the online “stalls” (aka photo albums) will start to come alive.

 Join me….

The Event…
The weekend long event in April will be for USA sellers only and is currently booking stalls!  Get yours today! (In the UK? Try Best of British.)

If you don’t have an online shop, you are invited to shop, shop, shop, so mark your calendars and spread the word! APRIL 22-APRIL 24!

What do you think?

Taking the Frenzy Out of Facebook

Lately, I have noticed several posts going around and around on Facebook about the “new way” to see all posts…  Never miss an update!  Well, I am here to tell you that Facebook has had this option since I can remember and I use it everyday!

A good friend of mine is new to Facebook (yeah, I know) and I wanted her to get the most of it without being turned off by the bombardment that can happen.  I wrote her a short tutorial on how to do it. That was when I got to thinking (uh-oh, right?) that some people may also need this tutorial …  so in a nutshell here it is…  

  • From your personal page go to a business page..
  • Click “like” and a drop down menu will appear.
  •  UNCHECK show in feed (this keeps it off your personal page but don’t worry!  We will be making it visible soon!)
  • Click on add to interest lists.
  • Choose + new list..
  • Click Next when the new window pops up, then name your list whatever. Choose privacy… (I usually make all my business stuff public so peeps can go there if they want)…

That’s it! Once it is made, you can find it near the bottom of your personal home on the left. I usually click the little pencil to edit it and add it to favorites, which will put it up near the top… Then do this every new page you like…  adding more and more! 

The reason I do this:

When I like a page, using my personal account, I leave a note that is something like Hello from @kkmaries and CRAFTfest!… by using @kkmaries, it will provide a link to KK’s face book page. Most folks return the like… and if they mean it, and hopefully they do, they do the same for you by sharing, liking etc. & it will increase your exposure on their pages. 

You can view all businesses in each category with one click. I like it for CRAFTfest so I can see who posts what and share, like, fave, etc. by putting all the business I like into the list “CRAFTfest businesses!
Try it sometime and let me know how it goes!

This is what it can look like when you are finished:

A Chihuahua, Pajamas, and a Frozen Chicken

One of the first things I do most mornings is go out the back door to the garage, get something out of the freezer for dinner, and walk around to the front to come back in.   With the puppy in tow, we ventured out as usual this morning.  Grabbing the chicken from the freezer, we went out the garage door and pushed the “down door” button behind us.  Jasper played and jumped, chewing pine cones and sticks in the sunshine.

After just a few minutes, we went up the ramp to the house and my heart stopped. (Well, not really, I am trying to vamp up the drama here…) The front door was closed… OK… he never remembers to lock it when he goes to work.  That is almost never.  Not panicking we walked back down the ramp to the back of the house to use the side door to the garage.  He rarely locks that one either… until now.  We are officially locked out, holding a frozen chicken, wearing pajamas.

Fortunately for me, I wear lounge pants and a tank, instead of something a little more, er, girly.  The walk to the neighbors wasn’t THAT bad, and making calls was tolerable.  We waited in the sun for about 20 minutes before my mother-in-law rescued us.  So, that wasn’t too bad, either.

What really annoyed me was that he finally listened and locked the doors!  Men!